Vanessa K. Eccles

​Vanessa K. Eccles is the founder of Belle Rêve. Her lifelong captivation with literature inspired her to create the journal. 

She has an English degree from Troy University, and her work has been published in over a dozen journals. She is also a young adult novelist represented by Jessica Schmeidler and a literary agent at Golden Wheat Literary.

Her debut novel, Fabled, is now available.

She enjoys folklore, mystery, fantasy, paranormal, and all types of poetry. She also loves to read about dusty front porches and stories your grandma told. Send submissions to

Emily Wood

​Emily D. Wood has been a lover of stories and books since before she could even read. Her mother, also an avid reader, read to her often. Her love of reading is deeply rooted. She has an English degree from Troy University and has a Master of Arts in Writing from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. She has had work published in Troy University’s literary journal, The Rubicon,and in JCU’s student magazine, Inkling. She has also written articles for Deep South Magazine and The Local (a local newspaper in Dothan, Alabama). She blogs at Quill and Parchment.

She loves southern literature and has a particular interest in reading fantasy, science fiction, horror, suspense, psychological thriller, and comedy. Send submissions to


Jenna Klein

​Jenna L. Klein has a passion for reading young adult novels and recommending them to her students. She will begin her seventh year of teaching English in August of 2014 at an Army base in Puerto Rico. AP Language, Honors and Pre-AP 10, regular 9-11 English, and News Writing are among the courses she has taught. She was also the sponsor of a five hundred page yearbook, The Bulldog, for four years. She holds an English degree from St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. She has had short stories and poetry published in St. Gregory’s arts and literature anthology, Omnibus, as well as a poem published in the anthology Guided by Voices. She reviews young adult literature at Fans of Fiction.

She likes dystopian, fantasy, comedy, memoir, and contemporary fiction, as well as flash fiction. 

Send submissions to


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